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Linbian is the recommended operating system for normal use on Lindenis V5.

Linbian is a free operating system based on Debian, optimised for the Lindenis V5 hardware. You can use it to build some creativity app, or use it for engineering validation test. Feel free to coding and compiling on it directly, no need to cross build anymore.

Linbian is maintained by Lindenis Tech. Ltd.. The SDK is hosted on GitHub.

Linbain System Architecture


  • LXDE: Default desktop environment.
  • Media player: is a GStreamer based video play, which can be run standalone on the desktop.
  • Camera: is a GStreamer based camera app, which can be run standalone on the desktop.
  • Streaming Server: is a GStreamer based RTSP server.
  • GStreamer Tools: gst-inspect-1.0, gst-launch-1.0
  • Speech recognition: is a speech recognition demo.
  • Face recognition: is a face recognition demo. Capture video with ldcamsrc, detect face with EVE.
  • Motion detection: is a intelligent motion detection demo.
  • Human counting: is a human counting demo.
  • VLPR: is a vehicle license plate recognition demo.
  • Image stitch: is realtime image stitch demo.
  • Binocular DOF Image


  • X11: is an open source implementation of the X Window System.
  • GStreamer: is an open source media framework. Running on Lindenis V5 with hardware acceleration.
  • Tensorflow: is an open source machine learning framework.
  • Python: is a general purpose programming language that is easy to use.


  • OpenMAX: Video decoder / encoder plugin for GStreamer.
  • ldcamsrc: Lindenis camera source plugin for GStreamer.
  • EVE: is a embedded vision engine.
  • CVE: is a compute vision engine.
  • OpenCV
  • Compute Library: a software library for computer vision and machine learning.
  • wiringPi: is a PIN based GPIO access library written in C for Lindenis V5.

Linux Kernel

  • Official version: 4.4