Writing an image to the eMMC

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Writing the image to eMMC by PhoenixUSBPro.

  • Follow this guide to install the eMMC module to the board.
  • Visit FTP server with user 'ftp' (password: lindeni) and download the PhoenixUSBPro (note: Windows only).
  • Unzip the files to a local directory.
  • Unzip the image to a local directory.
  • Open PhoenixUSBPro.


  • Click Image button and select the uncompressed image.


  • Click Start button.


  • Waiting for PhoenixUSBPro is ready.


  • Short circuit these two test points by tweezers or wire.


  • Use a Micro USB cable to connect the board to the computer. Do not short circuit these two test points when you see the follow window again.


  • Waiting for writing process start. You'll see a progress bar that tells you how much is left to do.


  • It takes about six minutes. Once complete, Use the Power Supply and Micro USB cable to connect the board instead.